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Singing @ ZICHRONA 13th (Bar Mitzva) Year February 15-16, 2013

Participants Responses

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Leah Shalek of Karmiel

Whew! I would have written this sooner, but I'm still in recovery...

For any of you sad folks who missed it this year and were wondering how it was, Sarona 2005 was awesome! Another fun-filled, jam-packed, sing-along, play-along, get-to-know and get-to-show ya weekend that was, as usual, better than the one before.

Mucho kudos to Harold for his hard work and dedication! He pulled it off yet again and sent us all home happier, wiser, and more exhausted than ever before (including last year when I had pneumonia at the time).

I enjoyed every workshop I attended:

The Bob Dylan and Don McLean sessions were wonderful. One, because the presenters were great---I mean, c’mon, Joanna Scudero and the Bald Avenger? Who can beat that? Two, because Bob Dylan and Don McLean’s music is beautiful and the tidbits we learned about their lives were interesting. I laughed till my sides burst at Lucia’s “Getting To Each Other” session and I heard some pretty interesting stories about my fellow folkers! There was major improvement and new talent on display at both Ariela’s Spoon and Harold’s Harmonica workshops. Finally, what can be better than sitting in the sun with a group of lovely men and women (Yay Barry, you brave man, you!) chatting and learning to create things with your hands? Hats off (or rather hats on, as soon as we finish making some) to Mira for her Crochet workshop.

I can’t speak for the other workshops (sorry Shay, Trish, and Rina but I had to sleep sometime!) except to say that if you come back next year I promise to attend!

As usual, the Gala Dinner was yummy and the Memorial Concert was splendid. (It must have been as we were jamming until 2 AM!) Joanna’s set was especially touching and didn’t leave a dry eye in the room, not even hers, and a quartet of four mystery girls surprised everyone in the room, including themselves, with a most excellent harmony.

The Saturday barbeque at Rancho Karaso was delicious and fun as usual. Even the weather held up for us that day, though we were doubtful much of the time.

Finally, the Grand Finale was incredible. Can you imagine bursting new talent (Yay again, Barry!), exciting improv (those Saints came CHARGING in!), show tunes, super heroes (hi again, Bald Avenger!), and famous-recording-artists-who-get-mobbed-in-the-parking-lot-and-asked-for-their-autographs all in one show? Well, neither could I until this past weekend.

What an awesome time - I can’t wait till next year!


More stuff coming soon.








Carol Fuchs, Jerusalem

I haven't words to express how great everything was.  I'm sure you'll hear that from everyone.

But really, Larry was there and smiling, no not smiling, but giving that great belly laugh of his that told everyone how much he enjoyed something.

Thanks ever so much

Timi & Jonni Keet, Tel Yosef
I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the event last Friday evening. The perfomers, the music, the jam session and good atmosphere, were above our expectations. I also found relatives of mine (Charli & Janet Lerner), who are great fans of folk club activities all over.
All the best and we are looking forward to the next year Singing & Sharona..

Judy Ganchrow, Jerusalem
Leah said it all and she said it beautifully.  I would only add that the entire Sarona-based Karasso family also deserves honorable menschen for their enthusiasm, their support, their concern for everyone's comfort, their nonintrusive guidance, their generosity, their hospitality, their tent and their honesty.  They are an anchor that keeps you coming back for more.  Special thanks to them, and of course to Harold and retroactively to Carol and Larry and to everyone who left their cosy dry places to gather for a good time in spite of Danny Roup's dire predictions.  Let the music and the good times
continue to roll.


Ronny Polak, Ramat Hasharon

Harold, I want to thank and compliment you for the wonderful weekend. Only professionals can do that.
Rinah Sheleff, Tel Aviv
You are a wonder!  Sarona was so well organized, and the atmosphere was so
pleasant and homey, even for one who's not a regular.

I loved the harmonica workshop and am excited about learning more.  And
thanks for all the help in sorting out Mira's and my accommodations. 
Trish Bar-on, Zichron Yaakov
You move from strength to strength.   Great stuff. 
Doreen Bliss, Tel Aviv
you are a positive gem!  It was delightful to see the photos, read the thanks, and relive the pleasure!
Bless ya!
Mira Moreno , Bat Yam

“Love is to make oneself a gift for others….”
Thanks for loving us all, Harold!

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